Sunday, November 6, 2011

25 by 25

Here it is!  The challenge I've given myself as a way to kill time/improve my culinary skills while I have free reign of my parents' kitchen and cooking supplies.  :)  It's a pretty random collection of 25 things that I have never made (or never successfully made, I should say), to be completed by my 25th birthday next April.  I'll keep you posted with how it's going!

1.     Yeast bread
2.     Fruit pie from scratch
3.     Sea scallops
4.     Pizza dough
5.     Lofthouse-type sugar cookies
6.     Lasagna
7.     Hummus
8.     Sweet rolls
9.     Olga bread
10. Pot roast
11.  Pork carnitas
12. crab rangoons
13.  pasta carbonara
14.  pasta with vodka sauce
15.  oreo truffles
16. red velvet cake/cupcakes
17. basil pesto
18. Blondies
19. Soft pretzels
20. Homemade salsa
21. Biscotti
22. Dish with Tempeh
23. Risotto
24. El Azteco Cheese Dip
25. Empanadas


  1. some of these are on my regular cooking list. hit me up if you're looking for recipes. or are you pinteresting all of them? :]

  2. i willl hit you up for recipes! And yea the rest will come from pinterest. Also, You might be the only one who is as excited about this as I am lol. I'm okay with that. I'm pumped! :) and thanks for being excited with me :)

  3. Omg Kelseeeeyyyy I want some of all of this stuff :) Any chance you can send me food via computer---or has the technology for that not been invented yet? Lol, jk :) Hope you are continuing to do well!!! You're amazing!!!

    -- <3 Rachna

  4. Kelsey, I'm a friend of your dad and I've been following along and praying for your complete recovery. Since you are in the cooking mode, if you have never seen the movie Julie and Julia, you should definitely do so. It's an entertaining movie and as a blogger who posts multiple times a day, it is the only movie that comes close to reflecting the roller-coaster of emotions that goes with days when writing is easy and those days when you would like to beat the keyboard with a hammer. Check it out. I'm sure you would enjoy it as you ride your own roller-coaster.