Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This and That

The past week and a halfish have been GREAT.  And here’s the highlights:

1.     My platelets went up.  Allllll the way to 40,000! If I could high-five my bone marrow, I totally would.  Well done, little platelets!
2.     And since my platelets went up so nicely, I got to have my picc line removed!!  Sayonara, sucker!
3.     And since I got my picc line removed, I get to take showers without having to ask my mom to wrap my arm in cling wrap.  And I can sleep on my left side now.  Bonus!
4.     And hold onto your seats, people…I got to shave my legs!!!!  Adios, Sasquatch legs!
5.     My brother Shane and his wife+baby bump came to visit from Chicago for Shaner’s birthday.  Their visit meant dinner at our fave Mexican restaurant, going to the movies, pumpkin donuts from the cider mill, breakfast at our favorite diner, and pumpkin carving.  Which was a disaster on my end.  I’m still a wimp.  I had to hand the reins over to my brother by the end because I was too tired.  Pretty lame.
6.     I made a layered cake for the first time in my life for Shane’s birthday.  It was a success!  It took two days and all of my energy, but it was bomb.
7.     I got to spend the weekend with my sister and her boyfriend, my best friend from college and a blue pit bull named Blue.  This is always a winning combination.  And yes, Blue is as cute as he sounds. 
8.     I got a care package from my roommate in Pittsburgh.  And it is a well-known fact that care packages make everything better. :)
9.     I went back to the doctor today and my platelets went up to 45,000.  My hemoglobin is 9.5 and WBC are 3.0.  I don’t have to get my counts checked again for 2 weeks!
10.  And to top off this happiness, with my counts on the rise, there is likely a visit to the ‘Burgh in my future.  And maybe my bro and sis in Chicago.  YAY!  I can’t wait! :)

Oh! And speaking of baking, I’ve decided to steal an idea from some of the food bloggers that I follow/am obsessed with.  I’ve seen lots of food bloggers who are nearing their 30th bday do “30 by 30” lists where they try to complete 30 recipes they’ve never made by the time that they’re 30.  But since I don’t think I need 6 years to finish 30 recipes, I’ve decided to do “25 by 25”.  This might be a bit ambitious since I only have 6 months to do this, but I’ve currently got nothing but time on my hands, so why not?  I’ll give you my list in a different post. 

Thanks for reading! And Happy November! :)



  1. 1. yay
    2. yay
    3. yay
    4. i might have gone a month without shaving (we'll say it was to sympathize with you.)
    5. best weekend ever.
    7. #2 best pitbull ever. (#1 best purebred)
    8. fact.
    9. YAY
    10. can't wait. we were just talking about our food plans for your visit (assuming m+p provide the cash flow.)
    11 (last paragraph) i sure do LOVE this idea! :] i can't wait to read the posts. and maybe you could mail a slice of whatever you make. even if it takes 2-3 days, it will still be so delicious. you can just send it smashed up in an everyday, white envelope. it will get here. i will try it! :]

    love you sister!!

  2. yay yay yay for platelets! i would high five your marrow if i could too : )

    im glad you liked the care package - my mom and i have already discussed another to be sent around thanksgiving. I'm going to have to really dig deep to come up with some creative stuff since I'm currently feeling a little tapped out.

    yay for visits! and also you forgot something, its Happy Movember!

    love and miss you!

  3. number 4 made me crack up. YAY for feeling better!!!!

  4. Kelsey I am so proud of you!! I had no idea that you had relapsed (thats a disgusting word), but you are doing such a great thing creating this blog for others experiencing the same illness! Im so happy that you are doing well, and you will only get better!! Miss you and your family!!!